The PACE (Pre-Anesthesia Consultation and Education) rotation is based out of a brand new facility located approximately 1 mile from the Medical Center.  This required rotation is one month in duration, in which residents are introduced to the pre-operative evaluation of patients who will be undergoing major surgery in both individual provider and a systems based method.

To gain experience with preoperative evaluation as an individual provider, the resident is responsible for assessing the patient’s health status and determining any underlying disease and severity. This involves a relevant history and physical exam as well as reviewing previous anesthetic and medical records. The resident is also responsible for reviewing relevant diagnostic data and determining whether further testing is required. After assessing the patient and risk factors, the resident will determine the perioperative anesthetic risk of the patient and develop an appropriate anesthetic plan, which will then be discussed with the patient.  The resident will also offer education and options for post-operative pain control. Staff Anesthesiologists provide

consultative help during this process.

Residents also gain experience with a systems based approach to preoperative evaluation by serving as a consultant to advanced-practice nurses who perform perioperative health screening and education of patients. The resident anesthesiologist often needs to communicate with physicians in other specialties and in other practices to coordinate preoperative evaluation and optimization of patients with complex comorbidities who are scheduled for procedures under anesthesia

This rotation is directed by
Gary Stier, MD.