This rotation is typically completed during the CA-2 year and is one month in duration. It is intended to provide opportunities to learn how to manage patients with acute, chronic and cancer pain.

Residents participate in clinic at the Center for Pain Management located across the street from the University Hospital. Approximately 250 patients are seen each week in clinic and greater than 50 patients per week receive various procedures to relieve pain. Residents are encouraged to perform blocks such as epidural and intrathecal injections, trigger point injections and nerve blocks guided by fluoroscopy.

Residents are also involved in pain management consultations at the University Hospital and the East Campus Surgical Hospital. Educational activities include participation in a journal club and weekly didactic conferences.

At the completion of this rotation residents are able to:
  • Understand the pathophysiology behind pain and the variety of pain syndromes.
  • Apply their knowledge of different modalities of pain control to patient care, including pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic methods.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in preforming injections such as facet joint injections, caudal injections, trigger point injections and intercostal nerve blocks.
  • Act as consultants to primary teams who request assistance in evaluating patients with pain issues and select the most appropriate therapy.
This rotation is directed by Anne Cipta, MD.